IOS 5 is scheduled for autumn this year. Technology experts have described as an operating system that is years ahead of its time. It is hoped that the experience with a whole new level. There are a lot of jargon about the new features added in IOS 5th The official website states Apple has added 200 new features in IOS 5th Magazines custom notification center tweeter coupled synchronization, integrated with the operating system are just some of the impressive features of the IOS 5th

IOS 5 is compatible with selected versions of the iPhone and iPod touch. However, versions of Apple Tablet, the operating system will soon be published on the work as well on the iPhone and iPhone 2nd For those who want to develop IOS iPad 5, here are some features that the user experience for global application can be improved.

A better choice for IOS camera 5 – When the camera application, volume control button doubles as a trigger. You can network lines to obtain a composite image. In the unit of editing tools make it a smart device. The camera application has some new and improved features for some simply a better user experience. After you set the frame with a bang may have to be locked. The application optimizes the decision on the lighting conditions. You can pinch, zoom to enlarge /, if under the contract. Red-eye reduction and cropping easy, quick processing and make it almost effortless.

They already have many ideas for implementation in IOS iPad 5? Look at the camera in your application. This goes a long way to a successful application in the App Store.

Tickets for a facelift in the IOS receive 5 – to navigate intelligently and quickly. Apple has quite the way that Google Maps uses revised. IOS 5 simply takes the data from Google Maps and it looks different. It is proposed that multiple paths with a subway line in three dimensions, and teaches him to enlightenment. The use without doubt, and all new way to get the same old map from Google. If your concept of the application on Google Map is used, congratulations!

IOS 5 provides a platform for the construction of thousands of new applications that would be for various purposes like business, entertainment, locations, multimedia, medicine and much more stimulating to be used.


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