Malaysia is blessed with most of the richest waters in the modern world, providing home to countless marine species, some which are getting endangered and can’t be obtained in other seas. With such a diverse marine ecosystem, there’s no wonder why Malaysia can be a top destination for many divers and it is visited by both diving scuba enthusiasts and underwater photographers from globally. There are many dive sites from this country, and that includes the world-famous island involving Borneo. For many scuba dving enthusiasts and underwater photographers, to dive Borneo may be to dive into a paradise of beautiful and truly captivating underwater life. His family soon knew that he had the makings of an artist and, in 1620, when he could not have been more as compared to sixteen, and may have been completely considerably less, he left Leyden University for the studio of a second-rate plumber called Jan van Swanenburch. We now have no authentic record of his progress in the studio, but it need been rapid. He must have made friends, painted pictures, and attracted attention. At the end of three years he went to Lastmans studio in Amsterdam, revisiting thence to Leyden, where he took Gerard Dou for a pupil. A several years later, it is not easy to settle these dates on a satisfactory basis, he decided on Amsterdam, and established himself there, because the Dutch funds was very wealthy and held many patrons in the arts, in spite with the seemingly endless war that Holland was waging with Spain. His art remained true and sincere, he declined to produce the smallest concession as to the silly sitters called their own taste, but he did not really know where to start with the money together with commissions that flowed with upon him so freely. The best use he created from changing circumstances was to become engaged to Saskia van Uylenborch, the cousin with his great friend Hendrick vehicle Uylenborch, the art dealership of Amsterdam. Saskia, who was simply destined to live since way back when, through the genius of her husband, seems to have been born in 1612, and to have become engaged to Rembrandt Van Ryn as soon as she was twenty. This engagement followed very closely upon the patronage involving Rembrandt Van Ryn as a result of Prince Frederic Henry, the Stadtholder, who instructed the artist to paint a few pictures. Saskia is enshrined in lots of pictures. She is seen first for a young girl, then for a woman. As a bride-to-be, in the picture now at Dresden, she sits upon her husbands leg, while he raises a giant glass with his outstretched provide. Her expression here is quite shy, as if she deprecated the case and realised that it might be misconstrued. This picture brought offence to Rembrandt Vehicle Ryns critics, but some portraits of Saskia remained being painted. She would seem to have aged rapidly, for after marriage her days were not long in the stretch of land. She was only forty when she died, and looked much older. In 1638 we find Rembrandt Van Ryn taking an action against one Albert vehicle Loo, who had dared to help call Saskia extravagant. It was eventually, of course, still more extravagant of Rembrandt Van Ryn to waste his money on lawyers due to a case he can’t hope to win, but this thought does not seem to have troubled him. He did not reflect which it would set the gossips talking more cruelly than ever. Still full of enthusiasm for life and art, he was equally filled with affection for Saskia, whose hope of raising little ones seemed doomed to disappointment, for in addition to losing the little Rombertus, two daughters, each named Cornelia, had died soon after birth. In 1640 Rembrandt Vehicle Ryns mother died. Her picture remains on record to be able of her husband, painted decade before, and even the biographers in the artist do not claim that Rembrandt Van Ryn was not a good son. A year later the well-beloved Saskia gave birth to the one child who survived the early years, the boy Titus. After that her health failed, and in 1642 she past away, after eight years of marriage that would seem to have been happy. In this coming year Rembrandt Van Ryn painted the famous “Night Watch, ” a picture representing the organization of Francis Banning Cocq, and incidentally a day scene in spite of its popular name. The work succeeded in arousing a storm of indignation, for any sitter wanted to have equal prominence in the canvas. It may get said that after Saskias passing, and the exhibition of this fine work, Rembrandt Van Ryns pleasant years arrived at an end. He was then somewhere within thirty-six and thirty-eight years old, he had made their mark, and enjoyed a very large measure of popularity, but henceforward, his career was destined to become a very troubled one, full of disappointment, pain, and treatment. Perhaps it would have been no bad thing for him if he might well have gone with Saskia into the outer darkness. The world would have been poorer, but the man himself would have been spared many years that may be even the devoted labours of his studio can’t redeem. Between 1642, as soon as Saskia died, and 1649, not necessarily easy to follow your progress of his lifetime; we can only state with certainty that his difficulties increased almost since quickly as his work ripened. His connection with Hendrickje Stoffels appears to be to have started approximately 1649, and this lovely women with whom he lived until her death some thirteen years later, may be abused by many biographers since she was the artists mistress. He has left to the world some 500 or 600 pictures that are admitted to be genuine, together with the etchings and drawings to which reference has been made. He is to become seen in many galleries in the Old World and the new, for he painted his own portrait regarding green score of times. So Rembrandt Van Ryn has been raised in our days to the pinnacle of fame which is his by right; the festival of his tercentenary was acknowledged by the whole civilised world as the natural utterance of joy and pride in our small country in being able to count among its children the fantastic Rembrandt Van Ryn.

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