How we use the network is constantly changing and one of the most recent changes was the growth of online video. YouTube, which sees more than 2 million visits per day, was largely responsible for changing the behavior of the user. What has as a home for the strange and wacky to one of the most useful tools in internet marketing and led the way for corporate websites.
It is increasingly clear that Internet users such as video content. Media sites are increasingly shifted online video – and were among the biggest beneficiaries of the recent algorithms that Google proposes to play the video content plays a growing role in SEO.
So why do so few companies use video marketing on the web? Here we examine some of the myths about video marketing on the Web:
1st It is too expensive
Like all marketing video on the Web must be profitable. It is important to remember that a good video a much greater potential to go viral has to correct text, or more. Not only can [the power of YouTube, not now. 2] by some search engines, but it’s a great opportunity, integrated video, and joined by others. This helps not only to high-quality links to your sites SEO helps in building, but something much more important – your business, know-how and products / services in. What is the value?

In addition, the Web video production marketing materials more competitive and there are many companies that an entry-level value.
2nd It is difficult to create content
Here are some ideas on the website of video content to find, but easy when you write about it, you can make a video about it – and often with a much greater effect. If you sell products, showing how they work, not only makes the clearest benefits for the customer, but in reality does not allow the choice of competitors, customers and think about starting your company as experts and can with the person the video connection – turn your business into a brand.

“The knowledge of analytical instruments products, conferences / exhibitions videos frequently asked questions, there are dozens of questions to make a great web video marketing for your business no one say that you do not need preparation and commitment is -. Many valuable objects are not – but the benefits for the company to be well worthwhile.
3rd It is very embarrassing
To borrow a phrase, is not all about you! Seriously, there can be others in the organization [or of family or friends] not ashamed. Or only characteristic of the product not seen in the video. One thing to remember is that most viewers will not wait for Hollywood standards. In fact, the videos are often polished and elegant hated by the viewers. Most people are looking to see real people talking honestly pass on their knowledge for free.

In addition, research has to offer on the Web to a variety of existing video content that can be used for marketing video on the Web. It is likely that others have already downloaded and comments online. Fans have created the “how to” videos. This will make interesting content for your website – and keep your blush!

4th The videos are of limited value in SEO
Increasingly, search engines try to change the value, to reflect on that website visitors. Search engines want to provide Web sites offer the user a good experience – great copy, interactivity through social media, etc., and – as we have seen – online video. Therefore, active search engines give priority to companies that online video marketing. See for yourself – the next time you Google search to see how the video content is clearly stated. They are also often the YouTube videos. Including online video marketing will allow your company to benefit from this channel.

Not the best practice for all online videos on the labels, titles, descriptions, etc. to get the most out of SEO, but they are essentially no more difficult or different than any other practice of SEO.

5th Only for large companies
Small businesses often feel that their customers do not want the video. The facts tell a different story – and suggest a future in which online video marketing is an increasingly important role:

More than 27.4 million Internet users in Great Britain (78% of the total Internet audience in the UK) 3.2 billion videos viewed online.
68% of people who watch online videos, which in turn transferred them to video-links to your friends … to be, the engine is circulating virus.
About 65% of the people who watch video online 35-64 (and 67% of these funds from income).

Changes in mobile technology and a massive increase in mobile search and display of related videos has seen. Small businesses can sit and let the big brands dominate, or they can look at the facts and consider the value of web video marketing

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